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Dialectic - pertaining to or of the nature of logical argumentation; Humanism - any system of thought in which human interests, values, and dignity predominate (Webster's).



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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Philadelphia Events Listing September 21 - 28

The following list of events aren't everything happening in Philly over
the next 7 days, just those things that overlap with my own interest.
Maybe I'll see you there...


Wed 21

Vedic Cultural Society
Experience India's ancient spiritual culture. Wed/21, 7:30-9pm. Free.
University of the Arts, Broad and Pine sts. 203.858.6704

Speakeasy: Poetry, Prose and Anything Goes
Open mike. 8pm. Biweekly. Kelly Writers House, 3805 Locust Walk.
215.573.WRIT. http://writing.upenn.edu/~wh

Thu 22

Richard Dawkins
The Oxford scientist reads from The Ancestor's Tale: A Pilgrimage to the
Dawn of Evolution. Thurs/22, noon. Free. Free Library, 1901 Vine St.
215.686.5415. http://www.library.phila.gov

Franco-American Friendship
French conversation group. Thurs/22, 12:30pm. Cafette, 816 Ardleigh St.
Mon/26, noon. Brasserie Perrier, 1619 Walnut St.

Poetry/Fiction Open Reading
Thurs/22, 6:30pm. Bookcorner, 311 N. 20th St. 215.567.0527.

Word 4 Word
Open mike hosted by Nish Pugh. Every Thurs., 7-9pm. Free. Valanni
Restaurant and Lounge, 1229 Spruce St. 215.790.9494

Robert Mankoff
The cartoon editor presents The Complete Cartoons of the New Yorker.
Thurs/22, 8pm. Free Library, 1901 Vine St. 215.569.9700.

Fri 23

Sat 24

Job and Career Fair
Meet representatives from various companies. Sat/24, 10am-2pm. Free.
True Light Fellowship Church, 640 Ardleigh St. 215.548.5053

College Day on the Parkway
The Philadelphia Museum of Art offers college students free admission
11 participating cultural institutions. Sat/24, 10am-5pm. Free with
college ID. 26th St. and the Pkwy. 215.684.7598

Celebrate Japan
The sounds, sights, tastes and arts of Japan come to University of
Pennsylvania's Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology. Sat/24,
Free. 3260 South St. 215.898.4000. http://www.museum.upenn.edu

PEC Fall Festival and Flea Market
The Pennypack Environmental Center hosts a variety of festive
activities. Sat/24, 11am-4pm. Free. Pennypack Environmental Center,
8600A Verree Rd. 215.685.0470

Radical Women of Color Meeting
PhillyINCITE! meeting open to all women of color. Sat/24, noon-1:30pm.
Free. A-Space, 4722 Baltimore Ave. 215.727.0882.

Nina Shengold
The author reads from Clearcut, a story of two men in love with the
woman and erotically connected to each other. Sat/24, 7:30-9pm.
Giovanni's Room, 345 S. 12th St. 215.923.2960.

Creative Collective Craft and Fine Arts Fair
Showcasing handmade jewelry, glass, wood, fabric, photography and free
children's workshop. Every other Sat.-Sun. Free. Thru Oct. 30. Headhouse
Sq., Second and Pine sts. 215.790.0782.

Sun 25

Coast Day
Delaware Estuary and Philadelphia Water Department host a celebration
with exhibits, music and refreshments. Sun/25, 11am-4pm. Free. Fairmount
Water Works, 640 Waterworks Dr.
800.445.4935 ext. 106

Creative Collective Craft and Fine Arts Fair
Showcasing handmade jewelry, glass, wood, fabric, photography and free
children's workshop. Every other Sat.-Sun. Free. Thru Oct. 30. Headhouse
Sq., Second and Pine sts. 215.790.0782.

Mon 26

Hurricane Katrina Aftermath Forum
The Uhuru Solidarity Movement hosts a discussion of the hurricane
aftermath and America's racial divide. Mon/26, 6pm. Free. Robin's
Bookstore, 108 S. 13th St. 215.552.8722. uhuru99@critpath.org

Salman Rushdie
The author presents his new new novel Shalimar the Clown. Mon/26, 8pm.
Free Library, 1901 Vine St. 215.569.9700.

Tues 27

Wed 28

"What Price Media Consolidation?"
FCCÊCommissioner Michael J. Copps and others discuss the impact of
media consolidation. Wed/28, 2pm. Free. Drexel University, Mandell
Theatre, 3141 Chestnut St. 215.895.0352. http://www.drexel.edu

"Finding Your Voice"
Author and journalist Solomon Jones speaks. Wed/28, 6pm. Free. Free
Library, Independence Branch, 18 S. Seventh St. 215.685.1633.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

My Summer Vacation...

Life bends but doesn't break - unless you're dead. I'm not really sure
what that means, but it's the first thing I thought of when I decided to
write this entry. Maybe what I'm saying is that I'm still alive. The
reports of my demise have been highly exaggerated (I've always wanted to
say that). Firstly among my own numerous personal follies is the fact
that the television show Big Brother is less of an obsession for me than
it was previously. My beloved hero was long ago banished from the
proceedings out of his own stupidity. Time moves exceedingly fast for
the idiotic. I haven't working on my new website in over a month. In
many ways I behave as if I'm afraid of this blog. I now refuse to visit
it. Even this post will be sent by email. The blog has become a failed
relationship that previously held so much promise. My connection to
Dialectic Humanism is similar to that of former friend that you now
avoid at all cost. Strangely I also avoid all of my previous sources for
world news. Something tells me that the two are connected somehow. My
priorities have changed. I spend less time online, and more time with my
friends. Yes, I do have friends. Human friends. I even fell in love with
one of my so-called friends. A female that I met in college who I have
much in common with in temperament, but less in common when it comes to
interests. But I do love her. I always have. But I'm the good son. A man
who never leaps without first thinking of the consequences. She has a
fiance/boyfriend and I respect their union. I respect it - despite the
numerous mixed signals I receive. Despite the many sorted statements,
and the childlike nature of the relationship. I always felt that
something was wrong. And a month ago she says that she had broken up
with him. My heart fluttered, and I made my play. I told her how I
really felt for her. What a silly boy I was! She responded that she was
flattered, but that they had gotten back together. I handled it like a
man. I'm still her friend. We even remained together for hours after my
confession. Talking - culminating in a trip to a high priced clothing
store where she tried on a coat she was interesting in. She looked so
beautiful in the long mirror as she slid the coat over her shoulders.
Her round firm breasts jiggling as I thought, "Why him? Why not me?" We
always want what we cannot have. We see each other now more than ever,
and my other friends telling me, "She's so gorgeous!" She comes to my
home about once a week. We eat, watch movies, and have conversation. As
the movie plays she lays on my floor before the TV. Her round hips and
ass pointed towards me. I can see the soft skin of her back, and her
shinny hair. Why him, why not me! On the phone and at my home I've
discovered things. She's a very complex sexual character. More complex
than I ever dreamed. She enjoys women sexually, but holds them in
disdain as relationship material. A heterosexual lesbian? Simple
bisexuality apparently isn't an option for this woman. She remains with
a man despite her strong homosexual tendencies. Is she in denial? Have I
been reduced to loving a woman who may not deep down be sexual
interested in men? I do love her. Why do I love her?

Thursday, August 11, 2005

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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

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Saturday, July 23, 2005

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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

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Friday, July 15, 2005

Audio: Treat the Islamic Community of the UK Fairly

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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Audio: Kaysar - Big Brother 6 - & Website Update

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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Audio: More on Kaysar - Big Brother 6 - & Terrorism

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Monday, July 11, 2005

Summer Cleaning

Today I'm proud to say that I got up off my ass and did a little
cleaning. I'm no where near done, but you have to start somewhere.
Already I feel more comfortable with my surroundings. This is a major
accomplishment for me. I think that I'll turn in early tonight. All this
cleaning makes DH sleepy.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

My Circle of Shameful Criticism

(In no particular order...)

I'm still staying up too late,

Still dirty & disheveled,

Still lazy,

Still unattractive,

Still lacking ambition,

Still unfocused,

Still monolingual,

Still without a woman,

Still not in LOVE,

Still masturbating (too much),

Still in Philadelphia,

Still not traveling,

Still unemployed,

Still without friends,

Still without a sense of fashion,

Still without a sense of humor,

Still not reading enough,

Still skinny,

Still eating junk food,

Still without a family,

Still lonely,

Still without any purpose,

Still a shut in,

Still invisible...

(This could go on and on)

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Audio: Taking Stock

this is an audio post - click to play

Friday, July 08, 2005

Kaysar Ridha of Big Brother 6 - Killing the Arab on Reality TV

Kaysar knew the deal as soon as his side lost the food challenge. He was going up for eviction. He's Muslim, Arab, and Iraqi. You couldn't have more strikes against you in a house such as that.

If he has any hope at all it's in the alliance he joined previous to being put up on the block. The other males have a vested interest in seeing him remain in the Big Brother house. There's also his secret partner that has yet to be revealed. However, even if he manages to beat this early challenge his ethnic background probably makes him a marked man.

Kaysar is extremely important because he counters the prevailing view of Arabs. He appears open minded, but at the same time he's also religiously observant. If this is the one chance for America to see the Islamic faith in practise it must be taken. The average person within the United States has little exposure to Islam outside of what they see on the evening news. Every opportunity to shed the ignorance of Islam that is so prevalent must be milked for all its worth.

I'm reminded of something I overheard when I went to see the film Black Hawk Down (2001). There's a scene in which a Muslim man is kneeling in prayer. Incredibly a woman behind me said, "What is he doing?"

It is so easy to hate that which you don't understand. Join with me in the battle against sectarianism, and racism. The only true weapons at our disposal are knowledge and exposure.

Kaysar must remain in the house!

[Big Brother 6 Home]

Thursday, July 07, 2005

London: Chickens Coming Home to Roost?

This was my first thought when I first heard of the London bombings. Not that those innocent people deserved to die. That is not what I'm implying. It's just that Westerners are kidding themselves if they don't have any expectations of violence coming from abroad. The United States, the United Kingdom, and it's allies are conducting a war of aggression that has produced thousands of innocent causalities. They have bombed and killed people in Iraq and Afghanistan in just the same way that terrorists have killed in New York, Madrid, and London (also let us not forget that the killings of the US, and UK are on a far larger scale]. I assure you that for every bomb dropped on Baghdad there builds in someone on this planet a yearning to drop a bomb on a Western capital. This isn't out of my own personal experience. I only speak from my understanding of human nature. Man's thirst for revenge is strong (just ask George W. Bush).
But in all this talk of retribution it's important to keep a clear perspective on the true scope of this conflict. For each act of terrorism attributed to Muslims are conducted by a very small groups of men. These few men have highjacked the public perception of a faith practised by a billion people. In no way does this equate to the actions of the leaders of the Western powers who are elected by millions, and carry out war plans with billions in public funds. Who really should be held accountable for these crimes against humanity? Who is truly at fault? Who hypocritically talks of the doings of evil men, while still carrying on with the evil killing of Iraqis?

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Audio: 'A Tout de Suite', et Mal de Tete

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Monday, July 04, 2005

Aspirations Update....

Ok, this is the deal - what I know about creating websites could fit into a thimble. What little knowledge I do have was cannibalized off of random sites, and my methods involve much trial and error and I don't know what any of the codes stands for, and I make big changes and nothing happens, and then I make little changes and big shit happens, and I'm more confused and get frustrated and then I have to start all over again. Yeah I'm sure I could make a complex site work eventually, but I'll still be clueless on how I got there, and any future changes would involve the whole crazy trial and error process all over again. So I've decided to be less ambitious with my new website. For a moment I was seriously considering moving the whole blog to a dot com, but I can see that was going to be a major headache. So what I've decide (for now) is to just move all my image, and audio files to a brand new server leaving dialectichumanism.blogspot completely intact. The master plan is to have all my model, and tribute galleries onto a single dot com, thus making them easier to navigate.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Audio: Aspirations....

this is an audio post - click to play

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Why I Didn't Go To Live 8 Philadelphia

I suppose ignorance would be the main reason. I wasn't even aware that Philadelphia was to host a concert. That probably sounds strange to most of you, especially considering the oversaturation of Live 8 coverage, but I tend to keep myself very insulated. I'm not really proud of that - it can be bad or good depending on the situation. In this case it was very bad. Not that I missed an artist that I really wanted to see. The only performer that appeared for the Philly concert that I have any real interest in is Stevie Wonder. But seeing Stevie would have meant sitting through the other acts I don't have much interest in, because Stevie's the closer. [According to my local news Stevie is on stage at this very moment]

Now if I were there I would have to push my way through a ridiculously huge crowd just to try to make my way to a choice vantage point, which in all likelihood would already be overflowing with people. I think you had to show up yesterday just to get a stage side spot. I've been to big events at the Benjamin Franklin Parkway in the past, but none were as big as today. According to our local news there are 1 million people crowding into the BFP. Being among that many people would have seriously killed my enjoyment. 50,000 or 100,000 I can deal with. But 1,000, 000? Forget about it! So why am I disappointed that I didn't go? The only reason I'm disappointed is because Live 8 would have been a perfect event for me to try some onsite blogging. I've never done that before, and it's not like I'll have many other worldwide events to take advantage of in my hometown. Philly tends to get overlooked. I remember in '94 when it seemed certain that Philadelphia would host a few World Cup games when unexpectedly the matches were moved to (if memory serves me correctly) Orlando. It's not surprising that I blew Live 8 given my impression of Philly's place in the whole scheme of things. Oh well, no use crying over things you can't change. When is the next once in a lifetime concert?

Eiko Koike Gallery

Harumi Nemoto Galleries 01 - 02

Friday, July 01, 2005

The Coming Decline in Saudi Oil Production?

Matt Simmons sure seems to think so. I suggest you read the entire article. If Simmons is correct we will all be facing drastic economic challenges in the near future:

    Essentially, Simmons argument boils down to four major points: (1) most of Saudi Arabia's oil output is generated by a few giant fields, of which Ghawar -- the world's largest -- is the most prolific; (2) these giant fields were first developed 40 to 50 years ago, and have since given up much of their easily-extracted petroleum; (3) to maintain high levels of production in these fields, the Saudis have come to rely increasingly on the use of water injection and other secondary recovery methods to compensate for the drop in natural field pressure; and (4) as time goes on, the ratio of water to oil in these underground fields rises to the point where further oil extraction becomes difficult, if not impossible. To top it all off, there is very little reason to assume that future Saudi exploration will result in the discovery of new fields to replace those now in decline...The moment that Saudi production goes into permanent decline, the Petroleum Age as we know it will draw to a close. Oil will still be available on international markets, but not in the abundance to which we have become accustomed and not at a price that many of us will be able to afford. Transportation, and everything it effects -- which is to say, virtually the entire world economy -- will be much, much more costly. The cost of food will also rise, as modern agriculture relies to an extraordinary extent on petroleum products for tilling, harvesting, pest protection, processing, and delivery. Many other products made with petroleum -- paints, plastics, lubricants, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and so forth -- will also prove far more costly. Under these circumstances, a global economic contraction -- with all the individual pain and hardship that would surely produce -- appears nearly inevitable. ...[motherjones]

Zimbabwe Legit

Mother Jones has an interview with American journalist Andrew Meldrum who covered Zimbabwe for over a decade until he was expelled by the Zimbabwean government:

    MJ: Ever since the Matabeleland massacres, there's been a pattern of Mugabe singling out groups as scapegoats - first the Ndebele, then gays and lesbians, white farmers, journalists, the opposition. That seems like his standard M.O.

    AM: He's a divisive politician who thrives on pointing at outside groups and saying, "They are the cause of our problems." Very rarely do you see him saying, "Let's all group together and become part of the solution." He did that briefly at independence, but the way he's operated since then has been very divisive. I think part of it comes from his period as a guerilla leader. If you weren't in the guerilla camp, why then, you were part of the enemy. ...[motherjones]

Reminds me of Bush's you're either with us or with the terrorist comment. What's with these megalomaniacal rulers these days? It's almost like they're reading from the same playbook. It has been some time since I've posting anything on Zimbabwe. My last (and only) Zimbabwe post was on 05/31/04 to be exact. Not that there hasn't been things going on. Unfortunately some issues get neglected. In my pre-blogging days I was what you could call a zimbabophile. I absorbed whatever meager info I could find about that country. This goes back to my high school days. There were books, documentaries, and encyclopedias. I don't devote as much time as I once did to Zimbabwe, but I still have great hopes for that nation. From most accounts it appears that if Zimbabwe is to achieve it's true potential the first change has to be at the top. Bob must go!

US Government To Maintain Internet Domination

    The US government has in the past indicated it would transfer responsibility for DNS to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (Icann). Icann was created in late 1998 to take over the net oversight functions that previously lay with the US authorities.
    But the declaration issued by the US government on Thursday means that Washington intends to retain its key role in supervising how the internet works. "Given the internet's importance to the world's economy, it is essential that the underlying DNS of the internet remain stable and secure," read the US statement. "As such, the US is committed to taking no action that would have the potential to adversely impact the effective and efficient operation of the DNS and will therefore maintain its historic role in authorising changes or modifications to the authoritative root zone file."
    While most people will not notice any difference when they use the internet, the declaration puts the Bush administration at odds with those who want to reduce US influence on the net. The announcement comes just weeks before a UN group is to release a report on internet governance, ahead of November's UN World Summit on the Information Society in Tunisia.
    Some countries have pushed for international bodies such as the UN to be given a greater say in how the internet is managed. ...[bbc]

The will of the United States government for global supremacy isn't just confined to the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan. Like a plague it infects everything - including the world wide web. The only true solution that would be acceptable to the majority of the world's people is a non-partial international organization setup to guarantee internet accessibility, usability, and security. Instead of helping in this process the US leaders issue the most provincial declarations. It's the same uncompromising attitude they showed during the lead up to the current debacle in the Middle-East.